Legacy - AIR HOSE REEL - 3/8" x 75' HOSE^


AIR HOSE REEL - 3/8" x 75' HOSE^
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Legacy L8306
Levelwind(TM) Air Hose Reel

    * Hose I.D.:  3/8"
    * Hose Length:  75'
    * Hose Material:  PVC
    * Hose Outlet:  1/4" MNPT
    * Working Pressure @ 70F:  350 PSI
    * Temperature Range:  15F to 150F
    * Weight:  30 lbs
    * Levelwind(TM) Technology - This unique winding system automatically layers
      the hose back and forth across the reel. This ensures that the hose is coiled smoothly,
      easily...every time!
    * Adjustable Hose Stopper - Increase or decrease the length of the hose that
      remains when hose is fully retracted
    * 7-Position Locking Bracket - Reel can swivel freely on a mounting bracket up to
      135 Degrees or can be locked into place using the locking brace.
    * Up to seven different locking angles can be utilized
    * Latching Mode Switch - Choose from latching hose every 3' for extended use
      or switch to free run for immediate automatic rewinding.
    * Extra Large Swivel - A 3/4" swivel reduces flow restrictions and allows for
      maximum flow
    * Free Standing Base - Portable! Use freestanding or mounted on wall or ceiling...
      flat base allows reel to rest on ground
    * Built-In Handle - For carrying ease!
    * Durable Construction - Made from durable UV stabilized polypropylene
    * Made In America

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