Freud - 12"6/9TPI CRBD RCIP BL(4842514)^


12"6/9TPI CRBD RCIP BL(4842514)^
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12"6/9TPI CRBD RCIP BL(4842514)^
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Frued Diablo DS1206CWS
Reciprocating Saw Blade

    * Length:  12"
    * TPI:  6/9
    * Tooth Design:  Carbide Tipped
    * Series:  Demo Demon
    * Qty:  1
    * Use:  Nail-Embedded Wood
    * Tool Use:  Reciprocating Saw
    * Materials:  Wood
    * New Variable Tooth Design provides faster cuts with less vibration in nail-embedded wood
    * High performance carbide for greater durability and cutting performance
    * Unique plunge tip design that enables faster and easier plunging
    * 1" oversized blade body for straighter cuts with less vibration
    * Enhanced carbide tip to blade connection for extreme impact resistance

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